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During the off-season, the superior Coverlon safety cover provides an additional barrier to unsupervised entrance and trespassing of people, pets and wild life. It is also a barrier to property debris (leaves, branches, etc.) and foreign objects (trash, furniture, etc.). Designed and manufactured to endure for many years, a safety cover will also help protect the pool’s coping, tile and plaster.

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AquaThority is pleased to be a distributor of Coverlon covers,
manufactured nearby in New Jersey. Known for their superior
material and craftsmanship, Coverlon attributes include:
  • stitched webbing on the top and underside of the cover
  • 34 x 22 per inch fabric thread count (most are 34 x 20)
  • 4,000 pounds per square inch tensile strength
  • impervious to chlorine and mildew
  • "easy adjust" heavy duty stainless steel spring system
  • corrosion proof brass anchors
  • meets and exceeds all ASTM

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